Queen Mary's Poor Relations (or some of them anyway)


By Devious Routes, Our Link with Mary Queen of Scots!

The Tangled Branches of a Family Tree.

Matthew Stuart 4th Earl Lennox 1516-71 married Lady Margaret Douglas (niece of Henry V111) in 1544

Their son was Henry Stuart (Lord Darnley) 1545-67 who married MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS in 1565

Matthew Stuart had a sister Helenor Stuart who married John Gordon 10th or 11th Earl Sutherland 1548. He was poisoned, probably at the instigation of George 4th Earl of Caithness.
Alexander Gordon 11th or 12th Earl Sutherland 1552-94 married Jean Gordon (divorced wife of EARL BOTHWELL 3rd husband of Mary Queen of Scots)
Sir Robert Gordon (Premier Baronet Nova Scotia) - founder and owner of Gordonstoun 1580-1656 married Lucy Gordon of London 1613
Katherine Gordon married Col. David Barclay of Ury (1610-86) in 1613. He was a Quaker.
Robert Barclay (author of 'The Apology' setting out the tenets and beliefs of the Quaker movement) 1648-90 married Christian Mollison 1669
David Barclay (of Cheapside, London) 1682-1769 married Priscilla Freame of a banking family
Catherine Barclay 1727-84 married Daniel Bell of London
Catherine Bell 1755-92 married John Gurney of Earlham, Norwich 1775
Hannah Gurney (sister of Elizabeth Fry - prison reformer) 1783-1872 married Sir Thomas Fowell-Buxton 1786-1845 MP (anti-slavery campaigner)


Sir Thomas was the son of Thomas Fowell-Buxton 1756-93 and Hannah Hanbury of Earlham. His grandparents were Sarah Fowell (1735-1814)and Isaac Buxton (married 1755). His great grandparents - Sarah Dudds 1706-76 and Thomas Fowell of London (married at Andover East St. Chapel 1733). These families were mainly Quakers.


Sarah's sister was Mary Dudds 1688-1753 married ......Hall
Catherine Hall (mentioned as niece in Sarah Fowell's will of 1776) married Richard Eaton, a peruke maker at Andover in 1760
Martha Eaton (named in father's will) married Benjamin Wiltshire (hatter) at Andover 1799
Catherine Wiltshire 1808-71 married George Blatch-Taplin (brewer) at Andover 1830


George's parents were Anne Blatch (born 1770) and William Gilbert-Taplin of Andover (married 1793). His grandparents were William Blatch of Cholderton (1738-1819) and Grace Goodenough (married 1760)


William Blatch's brother was Henry Blatch of Winterbourne Dauntsey, Wiltshire (1740-1819) married Margaretta Thompson at Chilmark (Wilts.) 1763
James Blatch (1771-1843) married Elizabeth Devenish of Sidling St. Nicholas, Dorset in 1798
James Blatch of Southampton (1818-90) married Eliza Goater at Worthing, Sussex in 1843.
Herbert Blatch of Southampton (1862-1924) married Violet Ince 1896

These were my grandparents.

OK - so what is the point of all this?

Can somebody work out what relation I am to MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS. Ha! Thought that would fox ya!

Can you connect with anyone on this tree?

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